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Strong in qualitywork

Special transport always had his special attention. Eljo Exalto therefore started his transport company of the same name in 1995 and specialized in the transport of exceptional materials. The first 'exciting jobs' were coordinated from Aalst. Today the company is located in Brakel. Eljo Exalto Transport delivers quality work. Flexibility, speed and expertise are the key words. Good consultation with the customer is extremely important and transport along the way is constantly monitored. This way, the transport of extraordinary constructions, sometimes made of wood, often made of steel, can always take place just in time. From and to the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Austria and within the Benelux.

Arda van Engelen - Administrative assistant

Quality is our strength

Exceptional transport has always needed exceptional treatment. As a result, Eljo Exalto founded its transport business in 1995, specialising in the transport of exceptional cargo. Initially, the first ‘exciting jobs’ were coordinated from Aalst. Presently, the company is situated in Brakel, The Netherlands.

Eljo Exalto Transport delivers quality, whereby flexibility, swiftness and know-how are key concepts. Good communication with the customer is of the utmost importance and cargo in transit is continually monitored.

As a result, exceptional constructions, sometimes of wood, frequently of steel, can be delivered just in time. From and to the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Austria and within the Benelux.

General Conditions of Transport

Download here the ‘General Conditions of Transport 2002’
Download here the ‘General Terms and Conditions for Exceptional Transport’
Download here the ‘Conv. on the contract of international carriage of goods by road’
Download here the ‘TLN General conditions of payment’